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Tips for Seniors: Dating Safety Tips for Seniors

Tips for Seniors: Dating Safety Tips for Seniors

Are you a senior, who is seeking a new lid that fits your old pot? Seniors dating, after three or four decades are in for radical surprises. Guys don’t always do the asking and women don’t wait for a phone that never rings.

Electronics drive contemporary dating. If the old ways of meeting potential love interests aren’t working, you may opt to sign up with several seniors dating sites.

If so, you must get familiar with dating safety tips:

First Meeting - Public Place

After you’ve talked on the phone enough to feel comfortable with each other, ensure your first face-to-face is in a public place, such as a coffee shop or restaurant. It’s just not prudent to meet at your date’s home or yours.

Who’s Got Your Back?

Give pertinent details – e.g. where you’ll be, about how long you’ll be there, date’s name, telephone number - about your upcoming date to your BFF or a family member. Ask your person to do a status call about 20 minutes into the date.

If you sense something is “off”, this phone call can set you free. Tell your person that you’re on the way and tell the date you must leave due to an emergency. 

Safeguard Your Money

Seniors dating should not share personal information in the beginning. Don’t divulge your phone number (landline), address or financial assets. Unfortunately, scammers, hackers and/or predators prey on honest-innocents. Talk too much and they can clean out your bank account or even burgle your home.

Resist Falling in Love with Love 

If you’ve been too lonely, too long, you’re vulnerable when you connect with a prospective love interest, through seniors dating sites, who inundate you with loving phone calls and showers you with passionate text messages. However, he/she doesn’t suggest meeting in real life.

Final Thoughts

You can’t fall in love with a photograph. Seniors dating online has great potential. But you need to meet the real living, breathing deal. And, when you do, heed our dating safety tips.

Just because the date is gorgeous and charming doesn’t mean he/she isn’t capable of causing physical, financial or emotional damage.

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