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Tips for Seniors: Getting Over Retirement Letdown

Tips for Seniors: Getting Over Retirement Letdown

You. Did. It. Retired! You have the luxury of time to devote to your hobbies or do absolutely nothing. This is the “honeymoon” phase of retirement. Yet, if you’re like most seniors, after a few months, “retirement letdown” hits.

You can either fix the problem or wait for a full-blown depression to overtake you. Here’s the situation:

At first, you thought Eureka! I don’t have to be anywhere today.

Now, you’re moaning, I don’t have anywhere to be today.

You’re not doing anything because you don’t have anything to do.

What About that Hobby?

When you were counting beans and juggling assignments, what did you wish you were doing instead? Make it happen!

Got a green thumb? How about starting a container garden on your back porch or balcony? Gardening reduces retirement letdown. It’s both relaxing and stimulating, keeps your motor skills busy and ignites a new love of nature.

Is there a writer inside you that wants out? Grab your laptop and go to a coffee shop. Make notes while you watch people. Pay attention to colors, scents, and overheard conversations. Go home and write a poem or story: Morning at the Coffee Shop.


Your work gave you a sense of importance. People depended on you to get stuff done. Now, that there’s no stuff to do, why not entertain the idea of volunteering? It will get you outside yourself and people will depend on you again. You’ll have somewhere to be.  

Explore These: Seniors tutor kids through the Foster Grandparent program. Animal shelters love seniors who love animals. Don’t forget Habitat for Humanity. They build homes for people in need.

Make Friends

After retirement, where did your circle of friends go? Oh yeah, they are at work. Time to make new friends.

 Joining your local senior center makes an auspicious beginning. From swimming to trying new restaurants or Yoga classes, it’s all about getting together and making friends with other seniors.

Take a class in the ballroom of country dancing. It’s a ton of fun and a great venue for making new friends.

Final Thoughts on Seniors Retirement:

In the words of Frank Sinatra – “Do-be-do-be-do”.

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