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The world needs more quality time.

Seeing a parent or spouse age can be an unwelcome surprise. Sometimes, it can actually drive people apart. That’s what happened to Dan, a fellow who bought the American Lifetime Day Clock for his wife of 50 years (#relationshipgoals, right?):

“Every couple of minutes, she would ask me what day it was, what year we were in, was it morning or evening. We love each other dearly, but honestly, it was getting crazy!”

Can you blame Dan for his frustration? The woman he’s loved longer than many of us have lived was struggling, and it was eating him up. As he started to feel more and more alone, Dan ordered his first Day Clock, and wrote to us about a month later:

“The clock made a striking difference. My wife looks at the wall and feels in control again. Looking forward to another 50 years. Thank you, American Lifetime, you saved this old man’s sanity!”

I keep a screenshot of Dan’s review on my phone and look at it often. It expresses everything our company stands for: tasteful tools for growing older, quality time spent between spouses, parents and children and a circle of giving that will improve the golden years for today’s young adults.

To many long and bright years,

The American Lifetime Team






How We Honor Our Elders

At American Lifetime, you won’t find any talk of aging, memory-loss or dementia on our products or packaging. That’s because we’re not about what’s been lost. We’re about reminding older folks of all they are still holding onto, and everything worth preserving.

Why We Give 10% to Charity

Growing old is a wonderful fact of life, and we are committed to improving the way the next generation experiences their golden years. For every clock that you buy, we donate 10% of the profits to a charity focused on dementia research, social services or adult education.

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