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Tips for Seniors: Savvy Seniors Cruise Solo

Tips for Seniors: Savvy Seniors Cruise Solo

Cruising is more than a romantic getaway for couples. If you’re among the estimated 50 percent of seniors in the US, who is single, consider taking a solo cruise. Be mindful, cruising alone doesn’t indicate you won’t have a grand time. There are people to meet, shore excursions to take and lots of delectable dishes to eat. 

Stateroom prices were established on a per-person, double occupancy rate. You’ll pay a single supplement when traveling solo. Cruise lines devised these supplements to compensate for income they would have generated for the second passenger.

When you make reservations, inquire about available discounts. Cruise lines may give single seniors a price break, to ensure rooms are sold. But, sweet deals are rarely advertised.

Another option is Singles Cruises for Seniors. Single Seniors Cruises are typically co-hosted by a cruise line and travel agency. Demographics are mature single people, who are seeking friends or potential romantic companions. Expect fun activities such as learning to dance, speed dating, parties and guided tours for shore excursions.  

You’ll be matched with a single roommate, compatible in age and gender; therefore, avoiding the expensive singles supplement.

Need to Know

Fear is your biggest impediment. Afraid you’ll fall overboard? Afraid no one will miss you and search for you? Afraid you’d be afraid to venture out of your stateroom?

Once you’re welcomed aboard, you’ll soon meet up with other single seniors. You’ll be eager to get out and about. The deck rails are secure and your chances of falling overboard are between slim and none.

Typically, more women than men take single seniors cruises. Asi es la vida. Check with your travel agent about the average ratio of men to women on the cruise you select.

So – even if you don’t connect with Mr. or Ms. Right, have fun with Mr. or Ms. Right Now. Be open for new friendships.

Get Smart! It’s little known, but many cruise lines often classes, such as cooking, dancing, photography, art appreciation and more. Yet another auspicious opportunity to meet seniors on the same wave-length.

Final Thoughts

When it’s all said and done, (and there is a lot to say and more to do) single seniors cruises are beautifully-challenging.

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