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Benefits of the Day Clock

Benefits of the Day Clock

If you’re the adult child of aging parents…if you need to buy gifts for seniors with memory loss, dementia, cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s…sounds like you’re a prime candidate for the American Lifetime Day Clock

A typical first reaction is – Isn’t a clock just a clock?

Well - no.

Let’s begin with a unique feature of this Day Clock.

Who doesn’t forget to take their medicine occasionally? But, for seniors suffering from memory loss and/or cognitive impairment forgetting is the norm.

The American Lifetime Day Clock is the only clock that provides 5 multi-function alarms, with messages to serve as medication and/or appointment reminders:

  • Time to take your medication
  • Take morning medicines
  • Take afternoon medicines
  • Take evening medication
  • Take night medication
  • For appointments, an alarm goes off, no message.

After one minute, alarms turn off or just press any button on the Day Clock to can turn them off manually.

Eliminates Confusion

Seniors challenged by Dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss may forget the month or day of the week. Conventional digital clocks merely show confusing abbreviations. However, the Day Clock is designed with a user-friendly, High Definition screen, without abbreviations:

Example: Wednesday Afternoon, 3:54 PM, April 4, 2018

Even visually impaired seniors can read the large font from across the room.  The Day Clock contains a backlit screen for ease of reading after dark.

Battery Backup

After a power outage, isn’t it annoying to go from room to room, resetting all the clocks? American Lifetime thought about this and included a battery backup so that when power returns, there is no need to reprogram the Day Clock.


Seniors will have no problem getting this clock up and running. Just plug it in and the Day Clock displays current information.

Tip: The factory sets the Day Clock according to Eastern Standard Time (EST). For other time zones, it will need to be reset.


The folks at deemed The American Lifetime Day Clock number one of 10 reviewed in 2017.

BestReviews chose this product as number one out of the Top 5 Alarm Clocks in 2018.

 Final Thoughts:

Because you have your senior’s best interests at heart, consider The American Lifetime Day Clock, a gift that keeps on giving.

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