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Tips for Seniors: Recreational Train Travel

Tips for Seniors: Recreational Train Travel

Recreational travelers typically focus on the destination. But, train travel validates the adage - the joy is in the journey. People often neglect the charm and nostalgic aspects of train excursions.  No so for seniors!

A 2010 poll found that seniors were “mostly” responsible for the upsurge in train travel.  For some seniors, a train whistle arouses childhood memories of train adventures with their families.

Here are reasons seniors prefer traveling by train:

It’s Affordable

It can be more cost-effective to travel by train, than a plane. Discounts for train tickets are available, i.e., military, AAA and AARP members, children (half-price with parent) and seniors (10 percent or more). Plus, watch for exclusive discounts.

Less Stress

No need to distance-drive in stop-and-go traffic or become the victim of road rage. No crowded airports, with annoying people and long lines for security checks. Getting onboard the train is way easier due to lack of formal check-in procedures.


You are not confined to your seat on trains, like in planes or automobiles. During train travel, you are free to get up and get a drink, go to the dining car or bathroom. Also, you can leave your electronics on. 


Seniors like the wider seats and plenty of leg room in a train, as opposed to being wedged in skinny airplane seats.  Long Distance trains are exceedingly spacious and climate controlled. So comfy, you can opt to sleep overnight in a roomy, reclining coach seat. Just remember to bring a pillow and blanket.

Tip: You are required to wear shoes for the duration, so pack some comfortable shoes.

See the Country

You live in a scenic country, with its mountains, valleys, lakes, big cities, quaint villages, forests and fields of flowers. Train travel allows you to enjoy the wonders of nature, which is not possible when you’re flying above the clouds or driving and can’t take your eyes off the road. Large wraparound windows offer a jaw-dropping view. 


Did you know train travel is eco-friendly? Trains require 20 percent less energy than airplanes and 30 percent less energy per mile than cars. Also, trains emit five times less greenhouse gas than automobiles.

Sooo – when you elect to travel by rail rather than by road, you consciously choose to minimize the impact on our environment.

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