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How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe and Healthy

How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe and Healthy

A lot of people often invade the private space of others; but in the wake of a global epidemic, not so much. Now that physical distancing has taken effect; we’ve become even more conscious of the six-foot rule. And in situations where several individuals are infected, quarantine has become the norm for many.

Millions of people are presently isolating as the world struggles to restore normalcy. For many, quarantine means spending quality time with loved ones, including your spouse, kids, and elderly parents.  Even most home healthcare assistants have been asked to quarantine at home as well. And what does that indicate?

It means many people will need to fill in the gaps by caring for themselves and their elderly loved ones. Elders have underlying health issues like Alzheimer’s and dementia that may make it hard to recover from infection.

So how can you care for a loved one during quarantine? How can you keep them safe and healthy?

Read on to find out...

Good Quarantine Practices

To stay safe and healthy, everyone in your home needs to play a part. And that includes practicing good hygiene habits. From your smallest family members to seniors, ensure everyone knows the importance of practicing hygiene measures to protect themselves and others. 

According to World Health Organization's instructions, talk to your loved ones about the following:

  • Why it's important to avoid touching the nose, eyes, and mouth.
  • Washing their hands frequently - and of course, the right way.
  • Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer often.

Keep Your Home Safe

You may need to change certain areas of your home if you plan on quarantining with a senior. To keep them safe, have them stay in a different living area. Also, allot separate supplies (linens, dishes, blankets) to your elderly loved ones to protect them and others.

You may also need to set up handrails or use senior clothing like slip-resistant socks or self-dressing apparel to keep them safe and comfortable. 

What's more, stock up on healthcare essentials like sanitary wipes, thermometers, band-aids, and other must-have supplies.

Track Symptoms

As you quarantine with your loved ones, make sure you monitor their symptoms and yours too. Check temperature twice daily and watch out for signs like labored breathing or dry cough.

If you see any symptoms, check the CDC’s guidelines for isolation. Your loved ones may likely recover without any medical assistance. But if you need assistance, call your doctor first or schedule a video visit via your mobile phone. Your doctor will be able to tell you the next appropriate steps to take over the phone.

Stay the Course

Between caring for your loved ones and working at home, time will pass very quickly as this quarantine tarries. Set reminders to keep you on top of vital duties like giving medications, making meals, and sanitizing surfaces. ADD CTA

No doubt, it can be tiring to maintain safety during this time, but perseverance will keep you and your family safe. Stay vigilant with forethoughts and keep encouraging them, so they continue to take every precaution too.

Also, make sure you reassure your loved ones that you’ll assist them through all the difficulties. These words of motivation will make them do their part and keep you both safe.

Stay Safe

You need to stay safe to take care of your loved ones, right? Take precautions to avoid the risk of exposure. If they don't live with you, wash your hands and put on protective gear like gloves and masks for protection during and after every visit. 

Remember, we are in this together.Adjusting to your new role as a caregiver might be challenging, but you can pull it off if you work together.

Hopefully, these tips and precautions can help you and your loved ones get through these trying times in health and safety.

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