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Tips for Seniors: Money-Saving Techniques for Ordering Food

Tips for Seniors: Money-Saving Techniques for Ordering Food
Do you remember to ask for your senior discount at restaurants? Speak up! Busy waitstaff and cashiers typically won’t deduct senior discounts from your check. After working all your adult life, you deserve freebies and money-savings in your golden age. 

Restaurants and fast food places rarely advertise discounts for seniors, not even on their website. Instead, find savings and sweet deals on senior websites, such as “The Senior List."

Share A Meal
Have you eaten at restaurants, which pile humongous amounts of food on your plate? Take note and on your next visit, share a meal with your dinner companion. Certain restaurants charge a ‘plate fee’ for your meal buddy’s plate (not in the best ‘taste’), yet savings will still be substantial.

Late Lunch or Early Dinner
Are you aware that many dining establishments use identical menus for dinner and lunch and only the prices change? You can wrack up savings by eating a late lunch. Another option is to take advantage of early-bird specials (before 6 p.m.) for seniors.

Dine Out Mid-Week
Restaurants are notoriously slow on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Mid-week specials often target seniors. Savings range from 10-50 percent off.

When you prefer ordering in to dining out, why not give UberEATS a chance? Just download the EberEATS app, browse local restaurant menus, order your food and it will be delivered at “Uber speed”. Scan the Uber discounts and add the promo code to your account. You’ll receive a discount on your next food order.

Final Thoughts
Try to get in the habit of inquiring about savings for seniors when you reach 50, but especially when you become 65. Don’t be embarrassed to ask the waitstaff about savings for seniors. Use your words!

Our Tips for Seniors series is a quick and fun read on how to save your time and money so you can better enjoy your retirement.

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