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Tips for Seniors: Benefits of Pet Companions for Seniors

Tips for Seniors: Benefits of Pet Companions for Seniors

Even seniors with PMA (positive mental attitude) get lonely. Pet companions provide something for seniors to talk to, cuddle with and love. Not only do pets help combat loneliness, they are friends with benefits, in the very best way.

No Surprises

Surprises are usually well-received. But gifting your senior with a pet companion is not the best idea you’ve ever had. He may be allergic to pet dander. You may give a dog to a cat person or vice versa. Seniors with health challenges, may not feel like assuming responsibility for a pet. They may not be financially able to sustain a pet’s needs.

Health Benefits

Cuddling, stroking a cat or dog aids in lowering blood pressure. Also, pet companions are great fitness motivators. After all, who can look into a dog’s pleading eyes and refuse to get moving? Rather a sneaky form of exercise, dog walking, help seniors lower their BMI (body mass index), reduce the risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Pet companions are better than pills for stress relief. Research shows that petting and/or playing with furry, four-legged can foster higher levels of the oxytocin hormone, which lowers stress levels. Subsequently, the cortisol hormone, which stimulates stress is reduced and production of serotonin, our ‘feel-good’ hormone escalates.

Social Interaction

When your senior walks her dog, opportunities abound, to yak with neighbors, chat with other dog walkers and meet potential friends.

Feline Pet Companions

Perhaps your senior doesn’t resonate with dogs. Although many seniors prefer dogs, cats make wonderful companions, especially for apartment dwellers. Cats don’t require daily walks and are happy to remain indoors. They love sleeping and will sit on their senior’s lap for hours.

Are Companion Pets Psychic?

Cats, in particular, have highly-developed powers of intuition, leading many experts to believe cats have psychic powers. For example, when your senior is upset or ill, her cat knows. Cats have long been known to predict seizures and sense cancer in humans.  

Final Thoughts

Seniors, who form connections with pet companions thrive with a renewed sense of purpose. They have a reason to get up, get moving and get on with the day. 

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