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Surviving Daylight Saving Time with a Day Clock

Surviving Daylight Saving Time with a Day Clock

We’ve all done it. You know, ‘fallen back’, in observation of the end Daylight Saving Time. We’ve all turned our clocks back one hour in the fall. And in four short months we will do just the opposite. We will move our clocks again, this time forward one hour. Regardless if we spring forward or fall back, a simple one hour change of our clocks can have noticeable effects on our bodies. This is especially true if you or a loved one is advanced in age. That simple change of one hour can wreak havoc. But there are a few things you can do to ease into this inevitable time change and they all have one thing in common, using a valuable tool: our large digital clock, the American Lifetime Day Clock.

Maintain a Routine 

Like any major change in a person’s life, experts agree if you maintain your routine, sticking to the activities you do on a regular basis, the effects of the change won’t be so severe. As an example, if you normally attend a stretch class on Mondays, don’t let the difference in time keep you from that activity. Our Day Clock is an excellent tool to help you maintain your routine. It automatically adjusts itself for Daylight Savings Time so you don’t have to worry about it, allowing you to focus on the task at hand which is getting to that stretch class on time.

Additionally, if your alarms are set to take medication at a certain time they too will automatically be adjusted to the new hour. Rest assured you will not to miss a medication dose thanks to our fail safe alarms.

Encourage healthy sleep

The commonly held advice for people suffering from insomnia also applies to anybody trying to minimize the effects of daylight savings. Firstly, avoid caffeine and alcohol in the late afternoons and early evenings. Both types of drinks acts as stimulants and disrupt our natural patterns of sleep. Secondly, try not to nap in the afternoon to ensure that you are legitimately tired and able to fall asleep night. And finally, make sure your bedroom is comfortable, quiet and free of light. That last tip includes turning off the t.v. and any electronic devices such as tablets. Yes, our Day Clock is one of those large, brightly lit electronic devices they’re referring too. Yet, our large digital clock has a special feature called auto dimming. This allows it to be read easily in the dark without causing compromising the darkness you’re trying to create in your room.

Provides Stability

Perhaps the population that has the most difficulty with change is senior citizens. To someone else it may just seem like an adjustment of an hour. But if you are someone who relies on their daily routine to provide stability and comfort, an adjustment of an hour can have a very upsetting effect. It can produce anxiety, confusion and often anger. That’s where we can help. For many of our users, our large digital clock has become a familiar and welcome piece of furniture in their homes. It’s clearly read and always accurate in keeping the time regardless of the change in hour. As we ‘fall back’ in autumn, many seniors find the earlier sunrise though welcome, initially confusing. Questions such as “have I overslept?” or “what time is it” are often asked. A quick glance at our Day Clock can provide a sense of stability and comfort.

Most of us have probably already adjusted to the time change. For many, Daylight Saving Time is merely an inconvenience. It is an event which has little to no effect on our daily lives. But for many senior citizens, the ‘falling back’ or ‘springing forward’ poses numerous problems. That’s where we can help.  Our large digital clock can assist its users by helping them stick to their routine, by fostering healthy sleep and providing some much needed stability.  So the next time we approach one of our bi-annual time changes, remember our Day Clock. It is an essential tool to help senior citizens ‘spring forward’ or ‘fall back’ with ease.

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