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Best Summer Activities to do with Loved Ones

Summers bring with them harsh climate, oodles of sunscreen, and overall anxiety of going outdoors. But summers also bring with them brightness, vitality, and a much-needed mood boost. So this sunny season, plan activities for your loved ones that help them enjoy the summertime and have some fun both indoors and outdoors.

Here are a few tips for caregivers to help seniors stay active and safe while enjoying the summer season's natural beauty. 

Indoor Activities 

  • Organize old pictures and create scrapbooks of family memories. This is especially useful for cognitively impaired seniors since it will allow them to recall fond memories. 
  • Put together a list of gifts for upcoming special occasions and holidays and organizing addresses and cards.
  • If your loved ones like reading but are visually impaired, consider getting them audio books. Or better yet – make it a family thing and involve everyone in narrating a favorite story. 
  • Get organized; caregivers can help loved ones slowly go through their closets or files and dispose of unwanted items and retain essential documents.
  • Learn something new together; try learning a new language, a new skill such as knitting or crocheting, or practicing a board game you both didn't know like chess. Caregivers can also ask loved ones to share or teach them the above – tips on knitting or secrets to winning a chess game. 
  • Try no-cook meals or foods that require a quick simmer. Prepare beverages using a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to stay cool and hydrated.  Use a tinge of lemon, lime, or mint in your drinks to encourage water intake.

 Outdoor Activities

  • Make plans to visit the local museum, the mall, your local bookstore, an indoor cultural event, or the movie theater. When evenings are particularly warm and dull, activities such as these will motivate seniors to leave the house without stressing the weather. 
  • When the temperatures are somewhat lower, arrange a small picnic in your nearest park. Prepare sandwiches and drinks and soak up some vitamin D and sunshine. 
  • Enroll your loved ones in a course at your local recreation center or senior center.  These could include art classes, language lessons, computer classes, handicraft sessions, and much more.

Activities to Stay Active 

  • If your loved one is up to it, consider swimming and water aerobics. Check-in with your local recreation center about classes and the different options and pick one that is enjoyable and safe.
  • Check with your local senior center for gym memberships. These centers also provide senior-centered classes that can be very beneficial for socialization.
  • Arrange a personal trainer with experience in dealing with seniors, and design an in-home exercise program.  You may include some low-cost equipment like weights, but most of the exercises can be done without any specific tools. 
  • On a mainly cloudy or comparatively less hot day, go for a walk in the park, or take a small stroll around the block. Always remember to have sunscreen and water with you.

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