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The Benefits of the Day Clock

The Benefits of the Day Clock

We are all familiar with the expression, “I just lost track of time”. But if you or a loved one suffers from dementia or any type of memory loss, that expression can mean a completely different thing. One of the first signs of this syndrome is an inability to know what time, day, season or even year it is. This symptom gets progressively worse as the person ages. But there are some tools on the market that can help. That can ease the stress associated with memory loss. At American Lifetime we understand the importance of being able to tell time, and what it represents both for the sufferer and their family. That’s why we offer our easy-to-use Day Clock. The benefits of using this clock will remove the stigma and restore the ease of being independently able telling time again.

Importance of knowing time

Most people look at their watch or check their cellphone throughout the day. It is one of those almost unconscious actions we take on a regular basis to orientate ourselves. Knowing what time it is helps us to determine if we’re late for an activity or early for another one. It helps us structure and plan out our day. It tells us when to get up, when to eat or go to work and when to go to sleep. But can you imagine if you lost that basic capability?

For dementia patients or people with any type of memory loss, this often becomes a grim reality. Losing the capacity to read time can be disorienting. It can cause unwanted stress and anxiety. It can also lead to frustration and anger in some cases. A person struggling with dementia or the basic memory loss that comes with aging can view their inability to read time as a loss of personal freedom. They become increasingly clingy, calling friends and family asking what day it is. Suddenly their ability to step outside and meet friends for coffee or watch their favorite show is lost. They’re unable to tell the time. It can also cause feelings of abandonment. If the sufferer feels that no one has visited them in days and in reality it is merely hours, a feeling of being forgotten or neglected is a common result.

A new way to tell time

For many, the purchase of a Day Clock is a welcome solution to this quandary. Unlike large-numbered clocks which can be confusing to sufferers who have difficulty reading numbers, the Day Clock is much simpler.

The Day Clock offers absolute clarity so there is no room for confusion. It spells out the current time, segment of the day, day of the week and month. This is done in simple English using no abbreviations and in large letters. Our clock-face screen is 8 inches wide, meaning it can be seen from all angles and even from 20 feet away (regardless if you suffer from vision impairment). Unlike other large-featured clocks, the set-up of our Day Clock is easy. Simply plug in the clock and it will display the correct day and time. Additionally our clock has 5 separate alarms that are easy to set. This means its users will never miss appointments, wake-up alarms and medication reminders.

More time

The ability to tell time is an invaluable skill and a requirement to healthy and independent living for everyone. At American Lifetime we understand the importance of this ability and that’s what led us to create the Day Clock. Whether you or a loved one is suffering from memory loss due to dementia or simply advancement in age, our clock can help ease the stress and strain associated with telling time. A person that is cognizant of the year, season, day and hour is someone who can carry on a meaningful and productive life. Our goal is to ensure our Day Clock users are able to “lose track of time” because they’re participating in activities they enjoy with the people they love. Not for their inability to read their clock.

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