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3 Charities That Help Seniors

3 Charities That Help Seniors

The hands that hold onto us for a significant portion of our life need assistance when they get frail. That is the time to truly acknowledge their contributions in our life. Not to forget, the wheel of life continues to spin, and we might soon find ourselves in this stage of life.

Many times our focus while making charities are children or pregnant women, which makes us neglect the senior citizens of our country that are in dire need of help. Considering there are 47 million senior citizens in the US, with 12.14% of women who are above 75 years of age and live in poverty, we need to infuse the helping spirit in today’s youth to make all these people feel valued.

Here are a few of the charities that we have rounded up benefiting the older citizens:

1. Second Wind Dreams

Second Wind Dreams has since its inception helped many of the seniors’ dreams come true and encourages others to help those residing in the healthcare facilities experience the same. The wishes and dreams range from a dress, owning a pet, to reuniting with a family member. Donors choose the dream they want to sponsor and bring a smile to the senior's face.

Apart from that, the SWD sponsors a virtual dementia tour that gives people a virtual view of how with dementia, the daily chores and tasks turn challenging to invoke empathy and understanding in them.

2. Alzheimer's Foundation of America

Around 5.5million of Americans aging 65 or above have Alzheimer's. It is a condition that makes every little task impossible. From things such as remembering one's name to personal hygiene become much of a battle. Alzheimer's is not only a testing time for the patient but the loved ones as well.

Alzheimer's foundation is an invaluable resource that supplies a full range of information and educational tool, along with a hotline to assist the loved ones. They arrange for educational workshops and free memory screening, a diagnostic tool to evaluate progress and health.

People with dementia are offered intellectual stimulation programs as well as adult day services. The Alzheimer's foundation gives the caregivers a day to enjoy and take respite from their daily obligations. You can know more about how you can play your part from their website.

3. Meals On Wheels America

Meals on wheels are perhaps one of the best charities it fights food insecurity among the elders by delivering food to those at homes. They are well aware of the dietary needs of the citizens and always work towards providing a more fulfilling meal to them.

As they say, "It is more than just a meal," the social interaction that accompanies those food deliveries is as precious and meaningful for the elders. If any of these elders have a pet locked up at home, they take it upon them to keep the pet fed and looked after.

Meals on wheels act as a savior for those with weak financial means. Those who want to volunteer or make their donations can access their website and learn more about how they can contribute.

Always Remember

As President John F. Kennedy said, we must pay our tribute to the elders of our country for their consistent efforts to not only raise us but provide us with the best. These are a few charities among dozens that can help seniors.

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